13 Mar 2020

Message from the Principal

Dear Parents

We again appreciate the unique role you are all playing at the moment in support of your child, our student as we move through this unique period of class cancellation and online learning. We appreciate the significant diversity within our community and families, and how we all face unique challenges regarding work commitments, internet access, shared study spaces, managing study space for children and lack of outdoor time, just to name a few. As a Principal, the past weeks have made me reflect and appreciate even more the power of ‘positive parenting’, and the vital role we all play as parents. I know each and every parents has been challenged in different ways, and I do believe that together, we are making a difference and ensuring our students continue to learn through this period.

Tutorial Support

Our staff have been running tutorial support sessions for Year 11 and 13 students on Monday afternoon. This Monday we have approximately 30 tutorials running for a range of students in both online and face to face format. Year 11 and 13 students have been emailed the sign-up sheet and the response has been positive. Please click the link here to see an overview of the tutorials on offer.

This Saturday we are also running some face to face small group tutorials at school in a range of subjects. We will continue to offer these tutorials across the next three weekends. We will also be reaching out to students regarding options for our Easter tutorial program and use of the LRC as a study space option.

Planning for the return to school after Easter Break

At KGV we are developing a comprehensive plan for the likely return of students on the 20th April. As our ESF CEO Belinda Greer indicated in her message, we will ensure that that we have a strict regime in place to keep everyone safe and well. At KGV we will asking families to make medical declarations to us and we will ensure that students and staff who are unwell cannot access our schools. We will put a lot of effort into planning for the safe return to school for staff and students and we will update you on our processes as we lead up the holidays.

HK Government Student Grant Scheme – Sole Name Account on Student Grant Application

We understand that many parents have questions related on the requirement to have a sole name account on Student Grant Application form. We have been informed that if parents do not have a sole-name bank account, they will need to open one for this purpose, as the EDB has stated that joint accounts are NOT acceptable for the grant application.

Please keep in mind, that if parents are not able to complete all the procedures before the deadline, they can still submit the form later and will receive payment. However, in this case, there will be a delay in processing the payment.

As a reminder, the closing deadline for submission of the Student Grant Application is on 20th March (Friday).

A reminder below is the ESF KGV process to make an application for the subsidy.

1.     When your child (NOT parent) logs in to Lionel they will find a link to their personalised Student Grant Application Form on the front page.

2.     Download and print out the Form which is already pre-printed with the child’s details, with the ESF stamp.

3.     Check if all student details are correct, then complete the rest of the form.

4.     Remember to sign, and submit the completed form by

·         Posting the form to KGV School, at 2 Tin Kwong Road, Homantin, Kowloon;

·         Dropping the form into the deposit box at the KGV School front entrance, next to our security guard office at the top of Sheung Kin St between 8am and 3pm.


Points to note –

·         DO NOT send the form to ESF Centre or the Education Bureau.

·         Email copy is not accepted but original form with parent’s signature.

·         Remember to fill in the bank code.

·         It must be a sole-name bank account (EDB requirement)

Some reminders:

Assemblies: I will be speaking to Year 11 – 13 students on Tuesday 17th March and Year 7-10 students on Thursday 19th March during tutor time.

Attendance checks: Thank you for your support responding to the emails which were sent out this week following up on student attendance and engagement. I hope many of you had cause to celebrate the positive emails which were sent through congratulating students on their positive attitude and commitment to online learning.

Thank you again for your support. Please take the time to complete our online survey. It would be great to hear from parents who have not yet completed the form to your perspectives.

I hope you get to enjoy some time off over the weekend.

Kind regards

Mark Blackshaw
King George V