12 Apr 2019

Message from the Principal

The best job in the world!

Dear Parents

It has been a big week for our year 13 students as most finish their formal learning program at KGV School and head into study leave. The last couple of days have been filled with laughter, tears, anxiety, gratitude and reflection.

At the year 13 final assembly yesterday, the emotions were palpable and quite raw. As I listened to the student speeches and took in the atmosphere, it was obvious how much the school means to our students and how they cherish the friendships they have created. The thought of leaving the security and warmth of KGV, and the reality of not seeing their friends every day, really ‘hit home’ with many of our students.

It was empowering as a teacher and Principal to see the emotion, sense of belonging, pride and appreciation our students expressed. They spoke fondly of our teachers and how they have worked in a learning partnership over the years. They also spoke about the opportunities that have been afforded to them, and how they felt a sense of privilege to attend such a great school.

However, the highlight for me yesterday was the student appreciation of diversity. The students spoke about how they valued the cultural diversity of our school and how this enriched their lives, made them better individuals and how they felt they have been part of something special.  It made me think how unique our KGV culture is, and wouldn’t it be great if more places in the world appreciated the power and beauty of diversity and what it brings to individuals and communities.

Finally, I just wanted to thank our parents for providing your child, our student the opportunity to attend KGV. I wish you all could have seen yesterday, the emotion and gratitude our students expressed. As parents, you have provided them with a rich learning experience and opened doors to future. One day they will thank you, I am sure! It also made me think that as teachers, we have the best job in the world. Our young people are our future, and I feel optimistic, that we are in good hands.

I wish all our year 11 and year 13 students all the best in the upcoming exams and final course work. I hope all our students and families enjoy the Spring break and we look forward to starting term 3 on Monday 29th April.

Kind regards

Mark Blackshaw
King George V