26 May 2020

Message from Principal regarding possible transport disruption on 27 May

[27 May 6:00 am update]

Dear Parents

KGV School is open today Wednesday 27 May. Today is the scheduled day for face to face learning for our Year 8, 10 and 12 students.Please consider transport options and keep safety as the highest priority. At this stage school buses are leaving as normal. We will continue to monitor as there is still the possibility of disruption across the morning. We understand if some students arrive to school later than usual. We will provide updates across the day as any useful information becomes available.

Our Year 7, 9 and 11 students will continue online learning at home as scheduled. Thank you for your ongoing support.


We have received information from ESF today (26 May) regarding the procedures which will be put in place should protest activity take place as suggested tomorrow. The protest arrangements look like they may have an impact on travel across Hong Kong tomorrow morning.

From 6am tomorrow (27 May), I will alert you of any changes to our school arrangements that may be required as a result of the protests impacting transport. Obviously, we are in a very strong position should we have to make the decision to move to online learning.

Please be aware, that at this stage, we are still open tomorrow and we are hoping that school will proceed tomorrow with our Year 8, 10 and 12 as planned.

Please watch out for my email from 6am tomorrow morning.

Kind regards

Mark Blackshaw
King George V