22 Apr 2021

Message from Alumni Community

The message is from alumna Pilar Morais in support of her friend alumna Emily Tsang

I know we all go through hardships, but there is no bond quite like the KGV bond. I hope that all of you can take a moment to check out the Gofundme page below and consider how you can support our ESF family through this journey. Please note that the page is in US$ and you can amend the fee amount to $0.

You will find below a link to a Gofundme page for a good friend of mine and KGV alumni, Emily Wilson née Tsang. Please take time to read her story.

Emily is from the Class of 2000, the same as myself. Her eldest daughter, Lucia is a Year 8 KGV student and her younger daughter, Elena is due to start KGV next year.

Emily and her daughters have all gone through the ESF system and are lifetime Upsdell supporters; Emily excelled in academia, athletics and hockey. Lucia started KGV in 2019 when the protests kicked off and for the remainder of her schooling has since been disrupted by the pandemic. She hasn’t had a chance to represent the school just yet, but has shown herself strongly adept in photography and robotics.

This January the family was rocked with the shocking news that at the young age of 10, Elena who was about to begin her transition from KJS to KGV, was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma. She has begun her long arduous battle with cancer and is undergoing vigorous treatment, including chemotherapy and joint prosthesis at a later stage.

The bills have, and will continue to mount. Family members have set up this page as a way to provide financial support so the family can focus on Elena as much as possible.