15 Mar 2019

2019 Lion Yearbook – Under Construction and Now Taking Orders

Lion Yearbook Orders – Open Now and $200

Lion Yearbook orders link is below

IMPORTANT NOTE: You need to use a STUDENT or TEACHER login to order the yearbook. All other Lionel logins will NOT work. This limitation is in place to help us organise the collection process – yearbooks are collected according to tutor group / house information. Thank you for your understanding.

To Order the 2019 Lion Yearbook:

  1. Log into Lionel-2 USING A STUDENT LOG IN
  2. Access the order form here: https://goo.gl/forms/WbbxO1FK8LX9Ij9W2

This link will work if you have used a STUDENT Login and not a parent or other email login to attempt it.

  1. Instructions and payment information are included and the order process will be open until APRIL 24th, 2019. We will try to have invoices sent at the end of each week or by the following Monday. If an order is made but an invoice has not been received, please allow a few days for the data to transfer across, then try again.
  2. There will be no spare copies of the yearbook printed so only those ordered with PAID invoices will be printed.

With thanks for your understanding and support, and we hope you’ll enjoy another year of extraordinary KGV achievement showcased in The Lion Yearbook, 2019. ANy concerns or queries can be directed to our ‘Creative Design’ Student Leader, Tessa, via email: