4 Jun 2018

KGV Alliance

The KGV Alliance is a community partnership, powered by student ideas to create positive change.

Three big ideas drive this initiative:

  1. Creating new ways for our school and students to engage with our community. A fundamental goal of the Alliance will be bringing our business community, alumni, parents, community partners, teachers and students together on regular occasions across the year.
  2. The Alliance, which is driven and powered by our students, will give our students a chance to pitch ideas to the audience with the aim of creating partnerships and seeking support;
  3. Creating positive change is our moral imperative, and we will strive to do so by influencing positively, sustainably and ethically. As our KGV Vision states, ‘as an agile school, we collaborate and innovate to make a difference in the communities we serve and lead.’

We have some new ideas and big plans for our KGV Alliance launch on Monday 25 June at KGV.

At the launch on the 25 June:

  • We will have two exciting and contrasting student pitches: one striving to support orphans in Nepal, and the other seeking to expand an internet-based ‘K-Pop’ merchandising business;
  • You will hear from our keynote speaker Billy Naveed, the founder of the Credit Suisse-sponsored Young Founders School, the world’s first entrepreneurship program for high school students;
  • Our friendly and informal atmosphere will make you feel welcome and engaged, and you will leave inspired by the quality of our students and the power of their dreams.

We invite all our parents to attend our inaugural KGV Alliance event; your presence will send a powerful message that we value our students and their big ideas. The only cost to attend is your time and positivity!