10 May 2019

JCSRS Maths Day

JCSRS Maths Day

On Thursday 2 May 2019, 11 of our Year 9 students went to JCSR School to help out with their mathematical activities set up for their students.  Along with students from KJS, there was lots of fun, laughter helping students from Sarah Roe School get to grips with the challenges.  As the day wore on, it was clear to see how much our students were gaining in terms of experience, dealing with students with special needs (some with severe difficulties.)

Here are some of their own thoughts:

“Giving a hand to Jockey Club Sarah Roe School’s Math Day was a one in a lifetime experience. One of the challenges was grabbing attention because either they ran away or they looked around the room instead. Some of them don’t read or talk so communication was done by the pictures on the card or by actions. I was very lucky to help out and work with the less fortunate making me reflect on how lucky I am.” -Dennis

“Yesterday was the first time I had ever properly worked with students who lead a completely different life. It was lovely to meet so many fantastic and caring students. They all wanted to learn and were very happy when they had done an activity to be awarded a stamp! It was a wonderful experience and I will definitely do it again. – Antonia

“Working with JCSRS on their annual Math Day was an experience that intrigued me and enlightened me more than I originally thought would, seeing the students work incredibly hard despite their needs made me feel both proud and motivated to continue helping. Whilst certainly it may have been challenging at times, the sight of their eventual success more than made up for it. Ultimately, it was an experience that I would definitely want to do again.”  – Eric

“Yesterday’s experience with Jockey Club Sarah was a day I will never forget. Although these children have special needs, they are still very hard workers and willing to take on the challenge of learning. There were some challenges throughout the day, but the experience was very rewarding when we were successful in teaching them. Overall, this was a worthwhile and rewarding experience and definitely one I would do again.” -Theo

“Working in JCSRS’ math day was quite an experience, it was a day I would never forget. After the day, I felt surprised and started to understand more about the children with special needs. This also made me appreciate my brother more even though he has autism, but he still attends KGV. The day was quite challenging, however it was quite rewarding in the end of the day. This was a great experience and I would recommend it for others to try.” – Jared

“Working with JCSRS student with their maths day was an unforgettable experience. Although these students have special needs, they still worked very hard and were eager to learn. The day was very challenging but it allowed me to understand and empathize these students. It was definitely worth it spending the day with them and I would do this again.” – David

“I really enjoyed working with the JCSRS students for their math day and it made quite the experience. It was nice to see how much the teachers cared about their student and vice versa, and it gave me an entirely different perspective into their world and how many of them made the most of their circumstances despite the difficulties. I found it an extremely worthwhile and rewarding experience to the the smile on their faces and will definitely do it again.” – Rachel