8 Feb 2019

ISSFHK KGV Football Finals Match

KGV was matched against HKIS in the finals of the ISSFHK Cup competition.

The game started off slow, with both sides attacking and defending, until 25 minutes in a heated exchange between the two teams occurred, leading to both teams having a player sent off. The first half ended off 0-0.

Both teams started the other half strong, determined to get the first goal but sloppy defense lead to KGV conceding first. With 20 minutes left in the game, KGV decided to push on, focusing on attack instead of defense, but despite the efforts KGV conceded another goal.

With 5 minutes left some substitutions were made. A low cross from Tarun Panjabi managed to find Theo Ivarssons who thundered it into the net. However KGV did not manage to comeback and fell short of the championship.

Thank you to Mr. Ferriday and Mr. Greenfield for the season.