19 Mar 2021

Huge congratulations to Kevin!

He won the individual first-place trophy in Year 7-8 in the Inter-ESF Maths competition.

Kevin would like to share his thoughts with you:

My experience at the Inter ESF Maths Race is to do your best to revise it before the competition. But in order to get a good result, you will need to revise often. As I believe everybody knows ‘No Pain, No Gain.’. The more effort you put into it, the better results you will get! When you’re up to a Question that you think it’s Tricky/Hard, close your eyes and take a deep breath. Always remember the word ‘Calm’. Always stay calm. This is a very important step in solving hard/tricky questions. If you really don’t know the solution for the question, skip it and do the next one. Until you finished the others, come back to this question and start thinking about all the formulas you learnt, organize them to see which are useful. But still, ‘No Pain, No Gain.’. You’ll need to revise often to get a good result.