28 Mar 2018

Hair Donation Drive 2018

This year, 12 girls and 1 boy kindly donated their beautiful locks of love to the Little Princess Trust in the UK who makes wigs for children with cancer. Students had the option to have their hair cut by their own hairdressers or by their friends at school on Tuesday March 27 during lunch time. We also raised about $5000 from the school com to support The Hong Kong Anti-Cancer Society’s Project Wish, a program that helps to fulfill the last wishes of palliative cancer patients. Wishes such as taking a proper family portrait might seem small to us, and yet it is enough to make a difference in someone’s life. Many thanks to the students and teachers who made the contributions and offered help to make this event happen.

Information about Project Wish: https://www.hkacs.org.hk/ufiles/HKACS_projectwish_p_eng.pdf

-Ms Chia Chu