17 May 2019

Girls Cricket at KGV

This Wednesday we had our first girls cricket match since 2012, when KGV took on DMS Glee Path school at the Tin Kwong Road cricket ground. They narrowly lost but played with pride and great team spirit, thanks to the leadership of Rida Haider and Roisin O’Connor. Rida and Roisin have done a fantastic job training the other girls over the past few months, to get them in a position where they are able to take on another school in a match. My congratulations goes to them and to all those, listed below, who took part in this important school fixture:

Rida Haider (capt)

Roisin O’Connor (v capt)

Spandan Ghevriya

Pria Sanghavi

Maahi Khunt

Zara Haider

Yasmin Gooch

Khushee Soni

Parishi Gandhi

Hannah Curran Sheppard

Anushka Gupta

Vanshika Bhargava

Simine Tasnim

Mr Duddy