3 Sep 2019

Get to know KGV Alum Nichola Sun

“Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard”

Get to know KGV Alum Nichola Sun who will be studying Counselling Psychology in the UK!

‘My name is Nichola Sun and I was a KGV student from 2012-2017. I joined in Year 7 and left after Year 11. For Year 12 and Year 13, I was at boarding school in England to do A levels. I studied Psychology, Business Studies and Mathematics. Boarding school was such a great experience for me as I enjoyed my lessons and activities, as well as I, made lots of new friends. The teachers were also very encouraging and supportive to me too. Furthermore, I have won the school trophy known as the “Old Scholars’ Cup” as this award gets presented to one Year 13 student at the end of the year and selected by all the teachers during a meeting. The award is on what people did to serve the school and the rest of the village community. It was really unexpected and I felt very overwhelmed that I burst into tears when my name was announced. For school, I got more involved in community events and ran whole school initiatives such as Autism Awareness Day and thank you cards for Mental Health Awareness Week.

In September this year, I will be going to Buckinghamshire New University in High Wycombe to study Counselling Psychology. It is my first choice and I look forward to it although I miss my boarding school and KGV very much. I wanted to study Counselling Psychology because I would like to understand people and their needs more as well as feeling passionate to help people who have needs and other problems.

Good luck to everybody who is still at KGV as I really enjoyed my time here. It is a really good school. Some advice would be is to organise time wisely and do all your assigned homework as well as not leaving it to the last minute. Do homework that is due in earlier first before the ones later regardless of which subject it is, rather than doing homework on subjects you like first before ones you dislike. My boarding school business teacher came up with this inspirational quote as well: “Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard”- this means working hard and knowing your stuff is more important than not working hard and attaining top grades. You got this!’

– Nichola Sun