12 Apr 2019

Food For the Future: Eating Insects at KGV

As part of environmental week at KGV, students got to discover the alternatives to your traditional baked goods made with animal products. Livin Farms, an organisation which aims to feed the world while saving the planet, are a pioneering technology company in the alternative protein sector.

Livin Farms held a workshop at KGV, looking to inspire students and staff by the limitless options available that can reduce your environmental impact by making a lifestyle change. During the workshop, students were introduced to the advantages of using insects to tackle food waste, how to save our planet with insects and the use of insects as food! These illustrated as possible solutions to the evident trend for food demand.

Furthermore, the people from Livin Farms brought a few insects for students to try themselves. At first, many of them were hesitant to try them. However, those who were brave realized the taste wasn’t as bad as they thought. Some students even thought they tasted good which is a positive sign to Livin Farms aim.