10 Sep 2019

ESF Limitless: Student Development

Limitless is not a break from school; if it were it would take place during the holidays. This is very much part of the curriculum. It may not look like one, but the Higher Ground campus at Kenilworth Homestead is definitely a classroom.

During their six weeks, students will develop their ability to be:
– Active and engaged learners

– Collaborative contributors

– Responsible global citizens

– Critical and creative thinkers

– Effective communicators

– Healthy and Resilient individuals

Limitless will be hosted at the Kenilworth Homestead, a privately run outdoor education centre on the bank of the Mary River and just 2km from the township of Kenilworth. It is located 145km north of Brisbane and 40km west of Noosa.

More details are available on the ESF Limitless website and blog. https://limitless.esf.edu.hk/blog/

Information events for interested year 9 parents and students are being held as below:
Wednesday, 11 September – 09.30 – 10.30 – KGV School
Wednesday, 11 September – 18:00 19:00 – ESF Centre

ESF Year 9 parents can register here: https://limitless.esf.edu.hk/event/