11 May 2018

ESF Chef result

2018’s KGV ESF Chef this year, was without a doubt, the best yet. Judges were astounded by the quality of the dishes served by our junior and senior finalists. In the initial stages, over 70 students from years 7 to 12 applied. 4 senior students and 6 pairs of juniors competed in the KGV finals.

Seniors were three students from year 10, who are all currently studying Food Preparation and Nutrition GCSE and one year 12 student who is studying Design Technology IB with a Food Specialism and is looking to complete a Food Science degree at university.

Juniors were all girls! They ranged from year 8 and 9. Competition was very tough and judges had an extremely difficult decision on their hands!

All students had to make a choux pastry and present their desserts as they wished, showing their creative skills. The next round involved all students preparing a 2 course meal, a main and dessert of their choice, with the theme ‘Fusion’. The dishes produced were off exceptionally high quality and were worthy of being served in a restaurant! Judges deliberated for a while and eventually crowned Nikita Kuwadekar of year 10 the senior winner. Junior winners were not so easy to choose and judges made the unprecedented decision to have a ‘Cook-off’ with Matilda Pratt and Irene Kim in year 8 and Louisa Song and Elisha Daswani in year 9.

After much deliberation the judges came to a very difficult decision and awarded Elisha and Louisa middle school KGV Chef winners.

Nikita for seniors and Elisha and Louisa Dot juniors will represent KGV in the ESF Chef Grand Final, held at South Island School on Friday 25th May. Please wish them luck and congratulate our fabulous KGV finalists for their fantastic work! We hope that next year will also be a roaring success with lots of applicants again!


Miss Clark and Mrs Leatham