31 Aug 2020

Congratulations on Allan’s success in the European Physics Olympiad!

and very well done for representing KGV School once again at such a high level!

During the Summer Allan represented the Hong Kong Team in the European Physics Olympiad and attained an honourable mention. It was a two day long competition that included both a theory and experimental paper. Training for the Olympiad was organized by HKUST and the HKAGE under the program name of “Physics Enhancement Program: Phase IV”, the fourth phase of a program that spans over a year and selects the top 5 students from about 100 initial students.

The information can be found here in the news section:


He would like to express his gratitude towards the KGV School science department for their hard work and dedication to ensuring quality education to students. In addition he would also like to thank Mr. Morrison for always ensuring that their lessons are both thought-provoking and engaging.