26 Mar 2021

Congratulations Jayesh and Riccardo (Class of 2020)

We are so proud of you for the achievement of the Blockathon.
The Blockathon blockathonasia.com is a triumphant success. They have earned the interest of both local and international partners. The platform will now give students a meaningful opportunity to engage with Start-ups and the new technology space.
Jayesh and Riccardo said –
As KGV Alumnus and proud Lions we have launched The Vuze. This project comes after years of working with the school on other entrepreneurially based initiatives such as The Innovation House and Blockathon during our tenure which only last year came to an end after entering KGV in 2013. Upon completing the International Baccalaureate we took the opportunity to develop our own startup which brings us to where we are now.
As lifelong learners due to the ideals instilled in us by KGV we aim to innovate and disrupt until the music industry is transparent and provides each artist with the recognition and provisions they deserve.