16 Oct 2020

Congratulations to Ernest and Zareen!

Congratulations to Ernest and Zareen!

They won the Renewable Energy Grand Award in CLP Smart Energy Award Competition 2020.

They would like to share their story with you:

‘KGV, and ESF as a whole, have been working really hard to ensure a sustainable and environmentally friendly future for our schools. By collaborating with Mr Whiley, RCHK students and members from the ESF office, we tried to successfully pitch our achievements regarding the ESF Sustainability Strategy, our smart energy monitoring and large-scale solar project for the CLP Energy Saving Awards!

The main challenge lied in effectively transferring the original message of our achievements and successes into a PowerPoint that would then be read by a judging panel. The effect of conveying a message through words and speech differ largely. Therefore, the team held numerous meetings to collectively plan alternative solutions and ideas- resulting in a very engaging and successful submission! This whole experience has been very valuable and has not only increased my knowledge regarding energy conservation but also taught me that even during tough times, there is always an alternative solution (although difficult to find)!’ – Zareen

“I am glad to represent ESF in the CLP Smart Energy Award Competition 2020, ultimately being successful and winning the Renewable Energy Grand Award. This was a successful collaboration amongst KGV, Renaissance College and ESF. Energy reduction, education and renewable energy initiatives, most notably the solar panel project, were amongst some of the sustainable ideas in the ESF sustainability strategy pillars. I would like to thank ESF and KGV for providing constant guidance and feedback throughout the project. I hope all schools can continue to adopt more sustainable practices to help protect our environment.” – Ernest