17 May 2019

Callout for Pianos!

The Music and Art departments are hoping to collaborate on a project, inspired by the artwork ‘Play Me, I’m Yours’ by Luke Jerram. Perhaps you have travelled somewhere and noticed a beautifully painted piano out in a random location, for the public to play? We are hoping to bring this spirit of sharing music and art to KGV.

We are putting a call out for anyone who has a piano at home gathering dust, not being played. We would like to take these pianos off your hands (we will arrange pickup and transport). We will repair and decorate the pianos, and place them in strategic locations around school – where they will not disturb people, but where students can sit and play any time they like.

If you have any questions – please contact Mr Goldring at william.goldring@kgv.edu.hk

If you are interested you can see the artist’s website for more information and pictures: