11 Jan 2019

Bank Details for Refunds

The School offers a wide and extensive co-curricular programme to students. Students are able to take part in the majority of these activities for no fee but students may be required to pay for some activities and trips. We wish to refund the unused fee to parents wherever we can.

We hope to save your time in receiving refunds by depositing the refund to your bank account directly. To enable us to pay refunds to you, please provide your bank details (HSBC account is preferred) by completing a simple form in LIONeL 2 by Friday 18 January 2019. The bank details collected from this form will be used for refund purposes only.

Instructions to access to the Bank Details Form:

1) Login to Lionel 2 (https://lionel2.kgv.edu.hk/).

2) Click the tag “Parents” at the top then “Bank Details for Refunds” on the drop down menu.

3) This should open the “Bank Details Form”.

4) Input your bank details for us to do the refund

5) Click “Save” then you should get a confirmation (and a chance to edit if there is a mistake); then you are done and can exit.


Finance Department