8 Jun 2018

Australian International School Model United Nations

From the 25 to the 27 May, 6 senior KGVMUN delegates represented KGV at Australian International School Model United Nations (AIS MUN), a highly competitive MUN with delegates from a host of schools around the region. MUN is a competitive stimulation that fosters public speaking, teamwork and debating skills. But above that, it is an opportunity for students to gain a sense of diplomacy and understanding of international relations.

The focus of this MUN conference was on the theme ‘Between the Lines’ – the idea of looking at global events and finding the deeper implications and patterns of our society. As such, the delegates debated a number of complex questions, from the ‘Applicability of state sovereignty in times of humanitarian crisis’ to ‘reevaluating the role of foreign intervention as a means of encouraging democratization. These topics challenged delegates to engage more critically in global events, and the world around them.

All of our delegates have put in an incredible amount of effort for these two days to write resolutions, draft speeches, and offer amendments. Special congratulates go to Alex Chu who received an award at the closing ceremony.  Also, Sophie Qi who has led the KGV MUN this year. As student leader she has overseen participation levels increase and more success than ever at competitions.

AISMUN marks the end of the KGVMUN season for this school year. All student delegates have gained a greater understanding of global affairs, had fun debating and working with other delegates and most importantly, experienced “Australian hospitality” on full display at AISMUN. We look forward to seeing what our leaders of MUN can do next year.


Duncan Shiel

MUN Teacher Supervisor