Admissions Overview

Admissions to King George V School (2018-2019)

“Please note we do not take in new admissions for Year 11 and 13 as this is the second year of the IGCSE and IB curriculum.”

If you would like us to consider your child’s application on our waitlist, please apply via the Online Admissions System. The ESF application fee is HK$2,000. This is a non-refundable, non-transferable administration fee which covers the cost of the admissions system and commissions paid to our ePayment service provider. The collection of this fee does not constitute any assurance that a school place will be offered. Method of payment is by credit card through PayDollar, our online payment service provider.

Please send by post all supporting documents (listed below) with a copy of the completed ‘Online Application’ form to The Admissions Office, King George V School, 2 Tin Kwong Road, Homantin, Kowloon.

  • Completed ‘Online Application’ form or the application slip/acknowledgement email
  • Application fee online payment result
  • Student’s Birth Certificate
  • Student’s Passport (including their visa status) and Hong Kong ID Card if issued
  • Student’s current and last year’s school reports
  • A reference letter from student’s current school (for applications to Year 3 and above)
  • Examination certificates/results (for Year 12 applications)
  • Parent’s Hong Kong ID Cards and Passports
  • Details of parent attendance at ESF primary/secondary school(s) (if applicable)
  • 2 student’s passport quality photographs showing his/her frontal face with clear facial features, measuring 4cm (width) x 5cm (height)
  • Two proof of HK address documents – a copy of a stamped tenancy agreement or a current government demand for rates bill plus an original utility bill or bank statement.

An application with insufficient supporting documents or non-payment of fee will not be processed

Only one online application may be submitted per student. (Life cycle of application – 1 academic year)

Please note that your required Admissions Date is for our reference and is not a guarantee of placement.

ESF will determine the Year Group for admission according to your child’s date of birth and the current education background. Please note that the Year Group may be adjusted to ensure your child’s date of birth matches the ESF system age requirements.


Priority for Admission

Students who are able to benefit from an English medium education are invited to apply for enrolment to an ESF school, including the two PIS schools and will be placed on a waiting list.
Priority for an admissions interview/assessment will be based on the following ranked criteria:

  1. Corporate Nomination Rights Nominees
  2. The children of full-time teaching staff at ESF or ESF Educational Services Ltd*
  3. The children of full-time support staff at ESF or ESF Educational Services Ltd*
  4. The siblings of students already attending an ESF primary or secondary school, private independent school (PIS) or Jockey Club Sarah Roe School
  5. Individual Nomination Rights Nominees
  6. Current students requesting internal transfer
  7. The children of former students who have attended an ESF/PIS school for a minimum of three years or are former ESF/PIS students returning from a period overseas or siblings of former students who have attended for a minimum of three years and graduated from an ESF/PIS secondary school in Year 13
  8. Children attending an ESF International Kindergarten**  [Note: contingent upon the child attending the kindergarten continuously until the end of Term 3 prior to entry into primary school]
  9. Children nominees from universities with collaboration agreements with ESF
  10. Other applicants who can benefit from an English-medium education
ESF Nomination Right Scheme

The ESF Nomination Right Scheme has been introduced in September 2012 to replace the Corporate Surety Scheme. Please visit here for details.

Residential zones

Students can only apply to the school of zone according to their Hong Kong residential address. Students from overseas can only apply to the school of zone for their expected area of residence in Hong Kong. Applicants from Hong Kong and applicants from overseas have equal status. Zones are adjusted from time to time in the light of changing numbers.

To apply for admission to King George V School, parents must live within the catchment area which is:

Kowloon Peninsula (excluding areas south-west of Cherry Street and Ferry Street, see Island School) as far west as Ferry Street, Tong Mi Road and Tai Po Road and as far north as Lung Cheung Road area (see Sha Tin College), Clearwater Bay Road, Tseung Kwan O and Sai Kung. Kowloon Bay, Kwun Tong and Tung Chung. Kowloon Tong is KGV zone but Beacon Hill (except One Beacon Hill) and Broadcast Drive are under Sha Tin College.

Non-refundable capital levy (NCL)

For new students joining ESF schools in August 2015 and after, they will be required to pay a one-off non-refundable capital levy (NCL). The non-refundable capital levy (NCL) will replace the refundable capital levy (RCL) from the academic year 2015-16 onwards.

The cost of the NCL will be HK$26,000 for students entering Year7 and will be reduced, on a sliding scale, for students who join the system in later years as follows:

Year Group

Year 7

Year 8

Year 9

Year 10

Year 11

Year 12

Year 13

One-off NCL (HK$)








If NCL has already been paid when the student enrolled to ESF primary school, the student is not required to pay NCL again when he/she transfers from ESF primary school to ESF secondary school.

The information about the NCL scheme can be viewed here.


School Fees

Please click here to know more about school fees.


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