28 Jun 2019

A message from counsellors to students

At KGV we are lucky enough to have four counselors who work with our students on a one-one basis. This year the counselors have written a message to students before they leave for the summer, and we thought it would be nice to share this with parents also:

“You have braved the storms of life. You have survived the perils of friendship, You have emerged triumphant through the tribulations of this academic year. In short, you are the champions, my friends. And through it all you have learned so much about yourself, and each other. One day you will find that the darkest nights have been worth it (in retrospect); the brightest days will lend strength to your tomorrows (trust us). Take heart that your tears make you more human, and your scars make you more resilient. Each of you are unique, waging a vastly different inner battle that you feel no one understands. Yet do not forget that each of you also have made it this far, in your own ingenious way, clinging to some precious bit of life, be it a loved one, or an aspiration, or a passion.

We counsellors wish we could be there for every one of you, but we rest secure in the knowledge that you’ve got something better–each other. Don’t underestimate the power of friendship, the comfort of a listening ear, the rejuvenating warmth of a simple hug. We have faith in you.

Have a restful summer, and please have loads of fun!”

Holly, David, Cherie and Amy

 For more information on our counselors, please see our wellbeing website.