30 Jun 2017

Year 9 Experience – Creating Change in Hong Kong

264 students working in 51 groups to create change in Hong Kong. Themes ranged from advocating for animal welfare, promoting healthy lifestyles, enabling social interaction for marginalised groups through to creating tech-based solutions to environmental issues. Developing their vision and mission, planning and managing over 100 different events, collaborating, problem-solving, hustling, reflecting and iterating were all key components of the student learning.

The presentations and exhibitions demonstrated that KGV students are truly passionate and skillful in their learning.

Some reflections from the Year 9 students:

‘I am proud of all the time and effort that went into it and that our hard work was noticed’

‘I have learnt to be more reflective on my learning and manage my time better’

‘We made a difference’

Mark Poulsum

Vice Principal