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Our ideal candidate …

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Our ideal candidate …

The perfect candidate for a teaching position in our school would bring a number of characteristics to benefit the whole school community – not just students but colleagues, parents and others.

Our ideal teacher is the kind of person who consistently inspires others to achieve, empowering them to find their own, unique solutions and strategies. They challenge people to become aware of blind spots, limiting beliefs and to understand different perspectives.

Emotionally intelligent, they communicate without pre-judging, listening actively and with the aim of understanding, accepting that we don’t have all the answers and remain calm and confident even when in confused and uncertain situations.

A great team player, our ideal staff member has the courage, humility and discipline to accept that each of us has potential for growth, and is truly open to being coached. In their passion for feedback and learning from all sources, and in other ways, they lead by example.

This person will have the patience to allow space for experimentation, thought, reflection, and learning rather than forcing solutions on others. They will be willing to trust that students and colleagues are capable of owning responsibility for their own challenges while offering ideas that will help them to succeed in overcoming them.

Teacher of German – Full Time 2 Year finite contract – January 2019
Contact : Salva Conesa (Learning Director for Languages)
Deadline :7th May 2018

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Student Counsellor
Start date: 24 April 2018
Closing date: 20 May 2018