We believe that KGV uniform promotes a sense of pride, engenders a sense of community and belonging towards the school and identifies the students within the school.

More information can be found on the policy section of LIONeL.

All students can wear school blazers, jumpers or fleeces to and from school. It is not compulsory to have either a blazer or a fleece, however no other jackets or coats are allowed. Students are encouraged to wear a warm long sleeved base layer under their shirt and pullover during the colder winter months for added warmth.

• Hair should be tidy. All artificial colouring must be discreet.
• No jewellery may be worn with the exception of small religious medallions, which should be worn discreetly and on a fine chain under the shirt. They should not be visible. Students are allowed one stud earring in each earlobe.
• School shoes should have a heel, albeit a small one, the upper should be made of a black polishable material and there should be no rubberised toe to the shoe. Please avoid any shoe with a flat sole and with sports or casual branding

Middle School Uniform

Senior School Uniform

Sport Uniform