Student Leadership




Yuti Khare – Head Girl

Smile, grin, laugh, beam! Life may be an endless journey of obstacles and barriers, but if we persistently dwell on our hardships, we forget to stop and appreciate the fruits of our labours. As Mary Lou Retton once said: “Optimism is a happiness magnet. If you stay positive, good things and good people will be drawn to you.”  Follow this advice and strive to make your happiness a target, an incentive, and a reward – for only you can dictate the extent of your joy. Be like Will Smith – endeavour endlessly for that point in your “Pursuit of Happyness”, where you too can stop and declare “This part of my life… this right here, this is called ‘Happiness’”.

During my time as Head Girl, I will be working alongside my dedicated group of prefects to develop and strengthen the intrinsic relationships with KGV Alumni. As a school, we pride ourselves on being an inclusive, international community that sustains its large and interconnected relationships through experiences that create lifelong friendships and memories. Through enthusiasm and hard work, I am confident that we will be able to accomplish our goals set for this year.

Sean Tsung – Head Boy

Though it is tempting to look at life as a series of barriers to be overcome, just as it is tempting to view it as a checklist of goals to be met, I believe that a meaningful life is more than that. Life should be one rich with empathy and kindness; open to introspection and broad-mindedness; suffused with exploration and imagination. Consider any given action you take or decision you make not as a means to an end, but something you truly believe in. No matter how difficult things get, it is worth striving for the self-actualisation that comes with joie de vivre. To members of the KGV school community: enjoy your time here and make the most of your every endeavour!

This year, I will have the privilege of working with my Communications and Relations prefect team and serving as a student representative to the School Council. My prefect team’s role is to promote the image of the KGV prefect team by regularly updating the student leadership bulletin board and social media pages; we will also be aiding the organisation of events such as school tours.

Samanwita Sen – Deputy Head Girl

Upwards– that is the path so many of us desperately seek to travel as we indulge ourselves in the glamorous ideals of success, failing to realise how negligent we become as we infatuate over numbers that we claim define our achievements. True and genuine success lies in striving to continuously become a better version of yourself, and learning that embracing failure is crucial if your ambitions are to come into fruition. It is only when you have submitted to the abysses of failure can you learn, grow, and bask in the glorious peaks of success. Failure and hardship, though perceived as hindrances in our pursuits of success, will ultimately be the companions that will cultivate your passion, resilience and tenacity until one day you finally stand on that very peak with a reward greater than you could imagine– learning from your failures.

As a member of the CAS committee, it is my firm belief that CAS should be a platform that facilitates all students, regardless of their interests, talents, and aspirations, in pursuing what they are truly passionate about. It should be the stepping stone to encourage students to take risks, to do what they love, and hopefully make mistakes to learn from. I genuinely hope that this year, I will be able to encourage students as they dive headfirst into their interests without worrying about results and assessments, and students who would like more support in their extracurricular pursuits.

Felicity Yick – Deputy Head Girl

All of us live in an age where the blue sky is the limit, and KGV is the environment that encourages us to be whoever we want to be. Students at KGV should be open-minded to new challenges and exploit the plethora of opportunities in store for them.  By embracing these endless opportunities, you create a platform for self and collective development. Do not limit yourself to what you think you are capable of; you are a colourful individual surrounded by colourful friends with colourful ideas. Everyone is an artist with a palette of colours with their own unique way of mixing them. Find that new shade of blue. You will surprise yourself with the remarkable things you can do.

With this mindset, Billy and I will be responsible for the Teaching and Learning working areas, where we will be working with teachers and students to develop the educational aspects here at KGV. This year we will be focusing on the Home Learning System, repurposing areas of the school to become more effective Learning environments, and begin forging a smooth transition into the Middle Years Programme. 

Billy Siu – Deputy Head Boy

Respect: the factor that ties individuals with the outside world. Respect pervades our interactions and relationships, whether they be between teachers and students, parents and children, or employers and employees. This characteristic is frequently overlooked, and in the six years I have studied in KGV, I have become aware that the way you treat others will be profoundly reflected in the way people treat you back. Effective communication stems from disregarding all pre-existing assumptions or expectations and from actively listening to what others have to offer. Being able to respect one another as part of a team unifies and enhances trust – The power of one individual is limited, but the collaborative efforts of many working together lead to beautiful results. Hence, learn to respect and be appreciative of others – unexpected results will emerge and support your journey in life.

In 2017, Felicity and I will be collaborating to consolidate and monitor the implemented Home Learning system. The MYP transition will also be a big focus for this year’s Teaching and Learning prefect groups; we will be working intrinsically with the mathematics department to ensure that upcoming year 7s receive the most effective education. I am very grateful to take on this opportunity with my team and I endeavour to improve the school community as best I can!

Benjamin Stone – Deputy Head Boy

Teamwork: The single most important skill to have when you’re – guess what – leading a team! Having great teamwork skills allows you to work with as many different people as possible, which can only lead to the best results! Since my  days in Year 7, I’ve worked with many interesting and bright people, allowing me to strengthen my teamwork. As I look back, the difference between the way I engaged with the Middle School Council is immensely different to the way I currently work with my Prefects. Teamwork is also extremely useful once you leave KGV. The world is filled with many a myriad of people, and it’s inevitable that collaboration and compromise is a requirement. You’re going to have to work with people whose opinions go against yours. Therefore, being able to work cooperatively will certainly make your life much easier! I know for a fact that it definitely worked for me!

This year I will be in charge of the Middle School Prefect team. My team will be working along with Mr. Grady and the Middle School Prefects. Our overall aim is to improve and consolidate the relationship between Middle and Senior school. We want KGV to be seen as one school, not a school split into two different sections!