11 Sep 2017

Social Entrepreneurship

On Saturday September 16th, at ICC, ESF, (STC & KGV), Credit Suisse, AIS, Bird & Bird and the Young Founders School are continuing their collaboration to offer a third Ideation Day experience for students. The focus of this event will be on social entrepreneurship and inspiring students to identify and proactively address problems they see around them in Hong Kong.
Students will be able to develop the following though a series of workshops:
  • Teamwork and collaboration
  • An entrepreneurial mindset
  • An introduction to lean startup methodology 
  • Ideation, design and questioning skills and processes
  • Critical feedback skills
  • Pitching confidence and techniques

For interested parties, please sign up directly via theyoungfoundersschool.com website. (There is a HK$100 admin fee charged to participating students to cover costs.)