Challenge Week 2013 - 7th - 11st October

It is very important that parents and students read through all the information on this web site. We have included general information on this web site but in order to fill in the personal details sheet and make choices students will have to log on to their school LIONel account. Please follow the link below.

LIONel log in (use your KGV log in and password)

Please note that not all of these trips will be running during Challenge Week and some students may have to re-opt if a trip does not run because of numbers or issues beyond our control.

Overseas Activities
Year 7 to 13
Whale Island and Nha Trang– Scuba Diving and Community Service
Year 8 to 13
Kota Kinabalu - SCUBA Diving and Community Service
Year 9 to 13
Australian Outback Adventure
Mountain Biking in Northern Thailand
North Korea
Poland, Prague and Berlin
Tasikoki Wildlife Rescue - Sulawesi, Indonesia
Thailand Golf & Mercy House
Year 10 to 13
A Taste of Cambodia
Japan Minakami
Thailand Medical Service
Year 11 to 13
Vietnam Service Trip

Please note that the year groups referred to in the linked websites refer to your year group in 2013/14

Hong Kong Activities
Year 8 ONLY
The Gr8 Escape
Year 8 to 10
Circus Skills
HK History
Sai Wan Surf Camp
Year 8 to 13
Beaded Jewelry 2013
Guerrilla Film School
Hebe Haven Sailing
Hong Kong Drama Week
Ice Hockey
Printmaking Workshop
Project Runway
RHKYC Sailing
Rock School
Sai Kung Wet n' Wild
Well Being
Year 9 to 12
Underwater Robotics
Year 9 to 13
Chinese Documentary Workshop
First Aid
Focus on film
Horse Riding and stable management
Martial Arts Extreme
Sai Kung Golf
Science Abuse
Year 10 to 13
Adventure Racing
HK Diving
Wakeboarding in Sai Kung
Windsurfing & Kayaking
Year 11 to 13
Year 12 ONLY
Work experience
Year 12 to 13
The Gr8 Escape Helper
Year 7 Helpers
Year 13 ONLY
US / UK Applications Workshop Promo

For questions concerning specific activities please email the staff in charge. For general questions please email Ian Goff for overseas and Jeremy Prichard for local trip