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King George V School,
2 Tin Kwong Road, Homantin,
Kowloon, Hong Kong

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Tel:  +852 2711 3029
Fax: +852 2760 7116

Most of the KGV campus is accessible by wheelchairs and disabled parking is available. Please contact our reception.


Please click HERE for details on ePayment at KGV.

Notice of Absence:

Any absence from class (planned absence, sick leave, early leave, late) should be reported to school by sending an email to (Year 7-10) and (Year 11 – 13).

For planned absences and early leave, as much notice should be given as possible. For sick leave and notification of late arrival to school should be done by 8:10am. When communicating with school, parents are requested to provide the details:

  • Name and tutor group of the student
  • Dates of absence (please state the time/class period for the case of early leave/late)
  • Reason of absence

After receiving the email, school office will then authorize the absence record on the LIONeL system. Any absence not reported to school will result in an automatic system reminder sent to parents’ email inbox, and a mark of “unauthorized absence” on the student’s attendance record.


For Early Leave (i.e During the School Day): Parents are encouraged to pick up students with prior notice to the School. Please notify the school by sending an email to (Year 7-10) and (Year 11 – 13).  with the necessary details. The ONLY exception is in the case of emergency (e.g. family emergency) when of course parents may need to come directly into School.

Parents are requested to use email rather than phone or come in person.  This would be very helpful in ensuring we can account for our students, plan work and activities accordingly and maintain an audit trail.  We do our very best to try and make sure our students are safe, communications with parents are clear and absence requests are handled smoothly.  We ask for your understanding that, with the volume of communications and tempo of operations a School of this size generates, your cooperation makes a huge difference to our ability to administer the School efficiently.

Severe Weather Procedure: